Jen Atkin Is Finally Launching Ouai Perfume Just In Time For Your Christmas Wish List

The scent of chic.

OUAI Perfume

When A-list hairstylist and the woman behind everyone from Kendall and Bella, to Chrissy Teigen and Rosie H-W's hair, , launched a from her iconic hair range, it was almost too much. We had to have it.

The insanely amazing smell of her seriously genius hair products (dry shampoo foam anyone?) had finally been bottled up, ready for us to spritz to our hair's content.

But the clue was in the name, and the limited edition dream had to come to an end.

Ouai Perfume

Until now.

Launching just in time for our Christmas wish lists, Atkin has revealed the very first Eau de Ouai perfumes. And, thankfully, they're here to stay.

Naturally Ouai's latest offering is equally as chic as its OG hair products. Hitting us with no less than four eau de parfums, each one is named after Atkin's favourite streets.

Whether you're into Mercer St with notes of Turkish rose and lemon, the city-meets-sea scent of North Bondi, Rue St. Honoré's violet and white musk, or more of a Melrose Place bergamot and lychee gal, we can almost guarantee you'll be snapping up all of them come November 13th.

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'We received an unbelievable number of DMs from our community [asking us] to make scents they could actually wear,' Atkin told . 'I worked really hard crafting the perfect scents, inspired by fine fragrances with the team at [Swiss fragrance house] Givaudan. I found my favourites and mixed them all together — I wanted the line to smell specially curated.'

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And they look just as good as they smell, too. Designed in partnership with New York City-based branding and marketing firm (the brains behind Summer Fridays), the bottle is satisfyingly simple, with clear glass revealing a muted pastel-t0ned juice and finished with Ouai's signature black and white labelling.

'We were inspired by Chanel in the 1920s: simplistic, luxe, and chic,' Atkin . 'The bottle itself took us a while to perfect because we wanted to make sure it was perfect.'

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